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Monday, February 25, 2008

[Instert Farting Sound Here]

So.... yeah.... I haven't blogged or vlogged in like... two weeks. *lame*. I did a valentine's day vlog (well, I shot the footage at least), but the editing portion of it has taking forever and ended up largely unsuccessful. And then, the other day one of the hindges on my laptop broke, which was an annoyance. But, yesterday, when, after smelling that "something electronic is on fire" smell I removed the power adapter cord from my laptop only to receive a minor-yet-still-painful burn in my finger, it was obvious that Mr. Laptop was having trouble. The plug in portion of the cord had actually begun to melt, causing it to bend at about a 20 degree angle. Also, I think it melted some of the "innerds" of the power supply inside the laptop too, as evidenced by the gunk that's on the end of the cord. I got out my old power cord, which I had replaced by in November b/c the old one had such a bad connection that I'd practically have to push it in with my hand the entire time it was charging to maintain the connection. Due to the melty-melty, the old cord works even worse now. So, I have a laptop with about an hour's worth of power left in it, a propensity to melt shit, and a screen that much remain stationary.


Is it really dead after 3 1/2 years? Are we really about the pony up over a grand for a new computer? *sigh*. In the exciting news category, I think we may go for a MacBook this time, rather than a PC. Nick's always been a fan of Mac's, and I must say that I do look forward to the possibility that having a Mac will make my vlogging life easier, since a) MacBooks come with webcams, b) I wont have to convert my quicktime videos into windows media player format anymore and c) I'll have the advantage of using iMovie which, while not pro-level, still is probably better than Windows Movie Maker. MacBooks also have magnetic power cords... Word!

Anyway, that's the news, yo. Boring.. yeah... sorry :(.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Notes About YouTube

Hey blog people! :) Thanks for your positive response to my venture into V-logging. Its still weird for me to talk to a camera (I have to ask Nick to go to another part of the house, listen to music, and pretend he can't hear me when I'm doing my videos) but all in all I think its safe to say that I've been bitten by the video bug, so you will see more Vlogging from me in the future. .

A couple of you have had some questions about how to find me on YouTube, so I'm going to take a minute to talk about that. First, my YouTube homepage is:


You can see all my videos there, although most of you have probably already seen all of them (consisting of the three Vlogs I've posted here as well as to additional house tour videos.) Also, I want to mention that you can create a free profile with YouTube and then you can "subscribe" to my videos and YouTube will notify you when I've uploaded new videos. Also, of course once you have a YouTube profile, there's nothing stopping you from making and uploading your own videos too! :) It would be extra cool if I could interact via video with some of you, especially those of you I don't get to see that often. Also, if you view my videos on YouTube directly, you can get a bit more info about the video itself. For instance, the last video I did about the hippie bags was a video response to another YouTube video and if you watch the video on YouTube directly it will link you to the video I am responding to.

I'll also probably continue to embed my new videos into my blog here.

Finally, VBG asked me to post a link to the girlinthemirror vlog I talked about in my last video. Here is a link to her YouTube homepage:

Ok... that's all for now. Thanks for reading/watching. :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008