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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Open Letter to Whole Foods

Dear Whole Foods- Its freaking the middle of summer and you seemingly refuse to offer locally grown produce. I go to the farmer's market every weekend and I know that there are TONS of berries, peaches, plums, onions, new potatoes, and so on available from within a 200 mile radius of our fine city. So, why is it that when I come to your store looking for a mid-week supply of fruit (since the farmer's market isn't until Saturday and I've already devoured the awesome Michigan cherries I bought last Saturday) that literally EVERY produce item (except for one) is from either California, Mexico, or South America? After searching the produce section for about ten minutes I did finally find conventional (as in not organic) peaches from Illinois, which I bought out of principal even though I still had peaches at home. Given your hippie-progressive-environmentalist image (see you talk about your commitment to locally grown food on your webiste right here) I expect more from you, really. I know that you can't buy local produce year-round and so that's probably why you turn to California etc. since they can provide you with a constant year round supply. But, not selling local stuff when it is in abundance is inexcusable. Get your thinking caps on and figure this one out, fellas. But until then, expect me, and other customers who care about their carbon footprint to avoid your non-local produce isle this time of year.