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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Holy BLEEP you guys, its been OVER A MONTH since I blogged. I guess its cuz I've been busy... been doing a lot of sleeping waiting on winter to end (still not done yet; we're getting snow right now)... but, yeah, I really don't know why I've been so neglectful of the blog. Anyway, I was sitting here at work (probably looking for something else to do other than actual work) and I thought that I'd do a blog entry about the books I've read since we last "talked." So, here goes:

Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides- This book totally captivated me. My husband told me that I was saying the main character's name in my sleep one night. It was a real page turner and I'd highly recommend it. Maybe this speaks to how good the book is (or maybe it speaks to my dumbness), but I read about 3/4 of this book before I realized that it was a novel and not a memoir. Oops...

Once Upon A Quinceanera by Julie Alvarez- Good book... I definitely learned a lot about the "quince" tradition. But, not quite as captivating as Middlesex. Also, I wish the author would have given more of her personal story up front rather than waiting until the latter half of the book. I just think her story gives her more credibility, or something. I dunno. Yeah, a decent read, but I probably wont read it again.

The Millionaires by Brad Melzer- OMG! This book definitely picked up the entrholling pae turning pace that I felt with Middlesex. The book was an itunes free download at some point. I found it on my iPod and couldn't remember buying it (cuz I hadn't, it turned out) but it only took about one minute before I got totally sucked in. Not sure that I'll read this one again either, now that I know "who done it."

The World Without Us by Alan Westman- This is what I'm reading currently. All I have to say is: Dude, we're SO gonna die! You might point out, as Nick did, that isn't it the premise of the book that we're already dead and the book explores what would happen to the earth once humans are gone? Yes. This is true.. but... after reading the chapter on plastics and petrochemicals, the only thing I can say is "dude... we're TOTALLY gonna die, and kill the Earth along with us." Did you know that many skin products that exfoliate actually contain microbeeds made of PLASTIC! They send up in the ocean. Dude, yeah, its not going to end well. Great book though! I'll probably read this one again at some point.

The End. :)